Hardcore-sludge band from Ireland. Disbanded 2009.


Tunguska / The Bold And The Beautiful split 12″ (2006) (released by Organised Noise, Tunguska Records, TrujÄ…ca Fala, Sadness Of Noise, Teleports)

Tunguska / De Novissimis split 7″ (2007) (released by SuperFi Records, Rimbaud Records, Cesspool Records)

Tunguska / Karaktermoord split 7″ (2008) (released by Acclaim Collective, De Graanrepubliek, Hollow Soul Records, Incomparable Ninja Records)

Members: Andy, Igor, Bello, Derry, Damo

Associated Acts: Disguise, Easpa Measa, New Gods, Crowd Control, Frustration, Loose Nut, Vimanas, Exploding Birds, Silence, The Bold And The Beautiful, Antichrist, Contort, Mongolia