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Conflict Cancel Irish Tour

May 30, 2019

CONFLICT have cancelled their Irish tour which was due to take place in July in Dublin, Galway and Belfast, I am not sure who was bringing them over but by the sounds of it, it seems Conflict have cancelled due to the uncertainties of the tour.
Its not an easy a thing to book a tour in Ireland its not cheap to get here, not many bands are willing to come here for one date let alone a tour, let alone hearing other bands pretty much pulling out cause of lack of organisation in place. I have booked many tours in Ireland and am grateful for bands willing to make the effort to come over but bands been let down does not encourage more bands to come over here.
Conflict statement below:

“After careful consideration I have decided I am not prepared to fulfil the Irish dates in July 
The reasons are simple 
1. I still have no possitive agreement in place. 
2. The fee of 1200 plus we have to cover our own air fares, transport and accomadation is in honesty an insult. 
3. The tickets are 20 POUNDS a gig 
Which I am getting labelled as a greedy money grabbing cunt over. This is more insulting due the shite offer and the fact that the venues have good capacity. I am NOT in this for money but I’m certainly not in this to pocket promoters. Especially when no one there has seen fuck all promotion anywhere other than wanker book. I’m sorry but I am no ones dog. Never have been and never will be. I apologise to all the fantastic Irish people. Get your money back and we will get there as soon as Is possible on our terms and that at a reasonable entrance price that all can afford 
Thanks for the support 
Colin Jerwood

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