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The Nilz Release Split 12″

May 10, 2019

The Nilz describe themselves as “Not the 99% or the 1%, we’re the fucking Nilz, 4 scruffy Irish purveyors of Punk Rock entertainment” Live show a must to see if you are not the timid kind. Existenz are one of Sweden’s oldest punk bands, starting out in 82 and still dishing it out.

You can pick a copy of the split 12″ from Dead Lamb Records here.

Listen to The Nilz – Welcome To The Toybox which featured on the Lampaign compilation 12″

Each Band has four new songs on offer! Welcome to the Toy Box by the Nilz and They Can’t Control It by Existenz.
The Nilz (Ireland) and Existenz (Sweden) Team up for a special split LP on Limited Edition Orange Vinyl released by Dead Lamb Records. 8 Song Limited Edition LP on Orange Vinyl with insert.

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